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Therapy: The long and the short of it

There is a changing trend in therapy. Time was a client entering therapy could expect, and perhaps fear, a long stay. I think being trapped in therapy was dreaded by many and kept some from going to therapy despite a need for help.

Today the field of therapy has accepted a reality that many come to therapy because they are experiencing a problem that they need help with, yet are not wanting a long term excavation of their psyche.

I believe that this is a positive change and have seen a change in my practice. Many come in times of need, ending when things are working better, and return months or years later when another need arises.

That said, I think that something of value may have been lost in this process, like the baby with the bath water.

How many of us are content with who we are? Maybe we aren't having the relationships we want, or the career success. These problems sometimes require deeper reflection and the courage to own areas of difficulty. Why did someone else get the promotion? Why do the girls I want always seem to fall for someone else?

We wrestle with ourselves. Therapy can help.

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