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Help For Gamblers and Their Families

My services are now available anywhere in California through video therapy

"Problem gambling can affect everyday life situations. Depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties and mood swings can all be related to problem gambling. Almost 1 million adults in California experience these or similar symptoms."*


And, it's not just the gambler that suffers negative effects on their life. Gambling problems create tremendous difficulty for family, friends and employers.


If you, or someone you know, is experiencing a gambling problem (This includes people who have had problems with stock trading), the State of California will pay for your counseling. The State of California, in conjunction with UCLA, has trained a group of therapists to provide this treatment and support. I am one of them.


This confidential service is FREE to gamblers or anyone affected by their gambling.


Call me with your questions at 818 300-2529 or write to

If you aren't sure about your status in all this, please call or write.



If you are not sure about the severity of your gambling, try this 20 question test:


G.A. 20 Questions


You may also find these links helpful:


*California Office of Problem Gambling


UCLA Gambling Studies Program


Gamblers Anonymous, listing of meetings in California


Gamanon: Help For Families and Friends


A website for women who gamble


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