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Other areas of interest/specialization:

My services are now available anywhere in California through video therapy

aging and aging parents

For so many people in their fifties, this issue just shows up. Watching my parents lose the ability to handle their own care seemed to coincide with a new awareness that my own productive years were now limited. This stage of development brings a lot of self-reflection as well as the struggle of parenting our parents.



diversity / otherness

There are many ways to experience one's "otherness." Race and religion top the list but there are many other ways that people experience themselves as outsiders, as different. I have lived this myself and dedicated much of my time to working with those who know this feeling.




The state of California now offers free counseling to anyone who believes he or she has a problem with gambling, be it their own or a family member. The state has trained therapists who may offer this service (free 8-16 hours). I am one of these therapists.



counselor training

I've been supervising trainee and intern therapists since 1981. I taught Process of Psychotherapy and Couples Counseling at Antioch University for many years. And, I helped run the Southern California Counseling Center, one of the largest training centers anywhere, for more than twenty years. My work at SCCC included giving and receiving extensive training in diversity issues as well as working with the disenfranchised.   

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